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Well, I am done with my summer classes, now just a few more days of work, and off home I shall go!

Thursday, i work in the morning, then I'm driving home.
Friday, hair appointment, and robyns surprise if I can manage it.
Saturday, Heathers party, camping and seeing Kristins BABER
Sunday, spending the day with the parents.
Monday, I have no idea.
Tuesday, No idea.
Then I don't work until Thursday again.

Its such a double edged sword, I want all my roommates to come back, but alas, classes will begin.
I might murder Jon before he leaves. He annoys the crap out of me. I know I sound like an elephant walking around, but I'm a large woman. He is a bony boy, and shouldn't make so much damned noise.
Alright I'm done being a bitch, goodnight!
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Hoh Kay, so, this is ze earthh...

But anyway. I'm ready for this class to be over. Don't get me wrong, I love ASL, but I'm tired of classes. Oh whats that you say? Classes start for real in a month. Oh glory, how wonderful. ARG.
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It's been a while.

Well, its been quite sometime since I've used this.

I've decided to start again, seeing as I'm going to be bedridden for a couple of days.

I need to get back into reading, school has taken up so much of my time.
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I haven't updated in about 12 weeks.

I hate updating.
I leave for school the 27th.
I'm very excited, I hate being here. I'm going to miss Phoebe.
It was very fun to watch her learn to sit up, to roll, to crawl. To learn how to pull her self up, clap, feed herself.
Also, to gain teeth, and the ability to say words. Her first full word other than dada and mumum is bayyybeee. Which she calls everything including the dog.

Allan moved to North Carolina. I guess I wanted an end to that, and I got it huh?

Why when I stay up this late does my right knee hurt so bad.
Its not sharp pain, more like a dull throb that will not go away.
Only when I stay up. Weird.

Thats about it I suppose.
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I'm at school, in the art room where I always am.
I love hacking her computer.
All i do is work.
Today I am off however. I am going to Indy with Megs, and maybe the brown one.
LETS hang out.

Dating Josh agani.
Not really sure how its going.
Its all fine...but thats just it. FINE. plus he lives in LAfyette. yes i spelledthat wrong. hehe.
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Update time!

Im going to IU. I guess.

I lost my check last night, but Kristi stopped the payment and wrote me a new one. Yay. Im going to by my FOxy tickets today!

Hells yeah.
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I hate elocker....

Water Testing



Phosphorus - 8/29

Data – 0ppm Orthophosphate


Significance- Phosphorus is a vital nutrient for plant growth and for metabolic reactions. Phosphorus is usually present in water in the form of phosphate, and come in two different kinds, organic and non-organic. The organic form is found in living plants, animals, and animal by-products.  Inorganic forms are found attached to soil particles or present in laundry detergents. It is a limiting factor for algal growth. In small quantities, phosphates are safe. It is only dangerous when highly concentrated. Some of the man-made causes of phosphorus contamination are fertilizers, pesticides, industry, and cleaning compounds.  Natural sources include phosphate-containing rocks, solid or liquid wastes, forest fires, and fall-out from volcanic eruptions.


Water Hardness – 8/30

Data – 120 ppm

Significance – When large amounts of calcium, magnesium, or iron ions are present, hard water is occurring. Surprisingly it has advantages along with the common disadvantages. Some of the advantages are the firming of fruit, and is not hazardous to drink. However the disadvantages are nasty taste, water spots and the clogging of pipes and water heaters. Another advantage is that aquatic life is unaffected by even high contents of hardness.


Turbidity – 8/31

Data – Small column test – 10 JTU

            Big Tube – 112 mL

Significance – Turbidity is the measure of the suspended material in a creek or body of water. The dirtier or turbid, the water, the higher the turbidity.  To some extent all water has at least a low amount of turbidity. However when the water is very turbid, sunlight cannot get through the water to the plants and photosynthesis cannot occur. Also, some of the materials suspended may hurt the animal and plant life in the water. Turbidity has many causes, some human and some natural. Human sources include swimming, fishing and boating. Natural includes when the topsoil runs off the ground into the water.


Carbon Dioxide

Data –





Significance – pH is the concentration of hydrogen ions in a substance.  The lower the concentration, the higher the acidity, and the higher the number, the higher the base level.  pH is very important to water life, because some aquatic life must have a certain level to keep it alive.


Dissolved Oxygen Kit –

Data –

Significance – Dissolved oxygen is the amount of oxygen dissolved in the water. It is essential for any body of water. If a body of water is missing DO, it is a sign of severe pollution.  Most of the DO comes from natural sources such as atmosphere or plants and is mixed in. Photosynthesis also puts DO in the water. The normal saturation for DO is 90% or higher, which is considered healthy. Many microorganisms, vegetation and fish rely on this high level of DO, and if it is depleted, they die.



Nitrogen –

Data – 0ppm

Significance – One of the most abundant elements found on earth, Nitrogen is an essential part of plant and animal life. It is a very good thing, but it can become a bad thing if there is too much. Nitrogen promotes algal growth, which can make the water age faster, and pollute the water. It comes into the water by sewage, storm drains, fertilizer runoff, livestock waste and carcasses. This is a hard problem to fix, because it is a non-point source of pollution. Ways of helping the Nitrogen problems is to contour plow and to rotate the crops.  There are some health risks for humans if there is too much nitrogen in the water. If a child is exposed to high amounts of nitrates, they may get infant methemoglobiunemia where the oxygen doesn’t mix with the hemoglobin in their blood.

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Just got back from riding around with Sarah and Gillis. I think im ruining my own life. I havent even looked at that absurd test in Anatomy. I already know Im going to fail.

WIth everything going on, I just want to shoto my self in the face. I think im going to go live with my french pen pal.

me, river

quick update

show was cool, got a shirt, and a cd, really tired, slept til 720, slept on xed hand and some how got a y on it, and hmm....yeah this weekend is goingto be gay!